Maybe! In the last 6 weeks we have had over half a dozen occasions of multiple offers on properties.  Multiple offer scenario’s generally occur for various reasons and happen now and again, but this amount reflects a definite increase in buyer activity and confidence in our local market.

Interest has been across the board for houses and land but we have seen a spiked increase in unit sales which is very refreshing as unit sales have been relatively stagnant for a fair few years now. Price ranges have been across the board as well right from $250,000-550,000. We’re still getting interest at the higher end range but this is a slightly smaller buying pool.

The recent activity has really bucked the trend of a quietened period which usually occurs around the end of the financial year time.  The precedence was set early for us though as over the last 100 days we’ve sold over $10 million in property with no signs of slowing down!

It’s exciting to know that bricks and mortar are still a solid form of investment. Although there have been some stimulating developments approved for our area lately, these days with what is happening politically and financially, both nationally and internationally, we all need to be in control of our own financial futures. If you are looking for some general advice about buying, selling or renting, we are here to support you with market information to base your decisions on.

Living Local and Loving it!

Le-Anne Allan

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