Emergency Contact Details

We advise all tenants of what they must do in case of an emergency. The steps to take are as follows:

* Phone our office during working hours and state the nature of the emergency

* If the emergency occurs after working hours, think carefully… Can it wait until the next working day? If so, wait and contact our office. If not, then call our office on 07-41547788 or one of our trusted tradespeople.


If there is a water leak in your property, turn off the water supply immediately. This should stop the water leaking until we are able to effect the repair

We ask each occupier to use their common sense and discretion in the event of an emergency that is not covered above. Prepare yourself now for an emergency. Check for the position of your fuses. Check for the position of your main water supply. Make a list of emergency numbers now of who to contact before that emergency occurs!